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GigaOM: Facebook listed or cause Silicon Valley acquisitions
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Science and technology blog website GigaOM author om Malik ( Om Malik ) today the author points out, Facebook listed, will produce more capital, more entrepreneur, make more startups are acquired.

Following is the article abstract:

And after Netscape and similar to Google, Facebook listing and financing of $5000000000, is regarded as a market of science and technology the much-anticipated catalyst, projected therefrom will cause a series of reaction. We have seen four recently listed company Pandora, LinkedIn, Zynga and Groupon, active in the acquisition of small start-up companies. Google and other Internet giants are also in contention for the talent competition, now Facebook.

I worried about, whether we will witness a group of Facebook staff will go slowly, and this in turn will force the Facebook through the acquisition of several small start-up companies, to recruit talent. If many small companies were acquired, there will be more funds into these startups, thereby creating a flywheel effect. Facebook millionaire, will only accelerate the angel investment activities.

The headquarters is located in New York 's venture investment fund and investment ( Union Square Ventures ) general partner Fred Wilson ( Fred Wilson ) via e-mail said:" yes, I did on Friday night at the Columbia University ( Columbia University ) social media Weekend Talk says so. I think, for the entrepreneur, start-ups and angel investors, indeed, as we will see more capital, more entrepreneurs, we will see more people to leave."

This means that Dave Mike Llull ( Dave McClure ), YCombinator, TechStars and other angel investors and venture incubator, will see its many of the company being acquired. Headquartered in Palo Alto Oddo's early investment firm SoftTech VC founder Geoff Clavell ( Jeff Clavier ) recently closed its $55000000 fund. He believed that, due to the huge valuation, Facebook tens of millions of dollars worth of employee number many, a large number of early Facebook employees have left, in 30 / 35" retirement age". Facebook is facing a problem is, in such a high valuation, the company may provide new employees what treatment?

Facebook once for talent acquisition, set a high threshold, the company does not compromise. Facebook once listed successfully, will make the Facebook accessible to larger acquisition.

The headquarters is located in Seattle 's investment fund Ignition Partners general partner, Microsoft employee Brad Silver Berg old ( Brad Silverberg ), IPO will be the company culture caused a corrosion effect.

Facebook is facing a big challenge is the company with no barriers between, it will produce huge internal pressure, and may lead to turnover, to seek oneself poineering dream. Early employees of the success of the Facebook, but like startups brought joy, later joined the staff for the company to make contribution, get the confidence, want to leave now, create their own wealth.

I think the views of Brad pierce to the heart of the matter, I have witnessed this and not, for many companies due to the huge influence. In the Silicon Valley, a lot of people think, Facebook large number of employees are ready to leave. In contrast, Google until recently appeared employee turnover, this is mainly due to the engineer Google as the center of the deep culture. In Microsoft before transplantation gene, Google is talent competed to join the company. Until 2007, Google began to lose its top talent. Facebook more seek nothing but profits and materialism, which means that some employees may cash left, joining some new start-up companies.

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