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The latest developments of China's armor-piercing tungsten alloy
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究和机理探讨,特别是对添加合金元素和形变强化等方面进行了大量卓有成效的研究,这对促进我国 b="近十几年来,我国材料科技工作者对穿甲弹用高密度钨合金进行了多方面的试验研究和机理探讨,特别是对添加合金元素和形变强化等方面进行了大量卓有成效的研究,这对促进我国" c="Over the last decade, materials science and technology workers in China on the armor-piercing high-density tungsten alloy were many trials and mechanism of a lot of fruitful research is to add alloying elements and the deformation strengthening, which promote China's ">Over the last decade, materials science and technology workers in China on the armor-piercing high-density tungsten alloy were many trials and mechanism of a lot of fruitful research is to add alloying elements and the deformation strengthening, which promote China's had a huge role in promoting the tungsten alloy penetrators, armor-piercing power and catch up with the world advanced level. However, due to various reasons, there are a variety of problems. First, with the open shells with tungsten alloy, a number of colleges and research institutions have carried out the study, and this greatly contributed to the improved performance of tungsten alloy material, but with the expansion of the scope of the study, repeated low-level study of the phenomenon also becoming increasingly serious. For example, some units, a large number of repeated professional Research Institute has completed or applied research, such as the microstructure and properties of tungsten alloys, mechanical alloying, ultra-fine powder or nano-powder sintering studies, and some institutions even such studies as a graduate thesis topics. Secondly, the phenomenon of multi-port column title is also very common, some provinces or institutions to the Fund column title to carry out the armor-piercing tungsten alloy, which not only a waste of precious research funding, and also a waste of young scholars of youth. Is particularly serious is that some research topics are not fully demonstrated, does not consider the possibility of practical application, such as injection molding skim difficulties and other reasons, more difficult for the preparation of large-diameter tungsten alloy penetrators, and the so-called near net shape on the need armor-piercing projectiles of the deformation and machining of no practical significance, while the country has done a lot of trials and studies.

The existence of these phenomena are many reasons, it reflects our military materials at the development of dislocation and lack of management, but also reflects the research topics on the there is a certain degree of blindness and narrowness, in particular, reflects the Department for the focus The research topics lack the necessary coordination and communication of information with the user, and thus not taken into account the practical value of research results and economic benefits.

Future research focus on the direction of

At present, China has been made on the technology developed in the WHA made considerable progress, but from the international advanced level, there is a gap, in some respects significantly behind developed Western countries. To this end, in the future armor-piercing tungsten alloy developed should focus on the following aspects:

1) the performance of armor-piercing bomb tungsten alloy of the most important performance indicators, but relatively few studies, especially the projectile - plate mechanism of the research is still not deep enough, and should also strengthen the adiabatic sensitivity of tungsten alloy material research;

2) To improve the ability of anti-aircraft missiles and armor-piercing damage should be done in the tungsten alloy the friable Bouncing material and wear fuel system of the complex functions of elastomer material;

3) High toughness tungsten composite armor-piercing is an important development direction of future ultra-high-speed kinetic energy penetrators, should further strengthen the study of hypervelocity kinetic energy penetrators with tungsten beam composite armor-piercing material;

4) Although China is a country of rich tungsten, but the reserves are limited missile tungsten alloy and scrap tungsten debris recycling and the original consumption process technology research and development should be strengthened.

5) China's coastline is very long, armor-piercing tungsten alloy corrosion problems for the defense of the coastal regions, to prevent the salt spray, seawater and humid environment has been on the agenda, and this purpose should be to carry out targeted missile tungsten alloy corrosion protection technology.


The high-quality armor-piercing tungsten alloy is an important symbol of a national materials technology development, high performance kinetic energy penetrator materials, the development level will be crucial to improve the level of China's weapons and equipment and the possibility of the need to win a regional war. To this end, for some problems and the practical needs of existing, on the one hand, vigorously strengthen the development of the project management and coordination of military material, but we also need to further improve the level of research institutes and institutions of higher learning, research management, in order to form a highly systematic and complementary mechanisms, and creating a high level of professional research team, in order to promote China's missile tungsten alloy materials technology development to low-input, high output, high-level and high availability in the direction of. And should strive to achieve a breakthrough in some key technologies in the short term period can greatly improve the overall performance of China's armor-piercing tungsten alloy

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