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Japanese public opinion - the rare-earth litigation "election card"
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The prosecution is led by the United States, is Obama a card in play for the presidential election, Obama want to show a tough stance toward China before the presidential election
Prosecute this to the WTO with the United States, Europe, the so-called China of restricting exports of rare earths, Japan for the first time brought to the WTO litigation against China. Why Japan to participate in the prosecution at this time, one would like to take this chance to ensure that the essential supply of rare earth by the domestic manufacturing industry and the United States and Europe join forces to file a complaint to the formation of greater pressure on China. The second is that the prosecution odds larger.
Japanese public opinion is generally believed that the rare-earth problems of origin in July 2010, when China announced export quota than last year cut 40% of. Japan and China after the collision occurred, were suspended exports of rare earth for two months, resulting in the Japanese industry suffered a major blow to the manufacturing sector due to parts procurement difficulties and other reasons confusion. The United States and Europe and Japan, as the world's largest rare earth supply country, China, the grounds of environmental protection to strengthen the rare earth export restrictions, in violation of the restrictions permitted by the WTO Agreement, it was decided to file a complaint. In addition to the rare earth outside, the lawsuit objects, including tungsten and molybdenum. In fact, in response to the situation of the rare earth reduced imports, the Japanese already started to take appropriate countermeasures, first to Australia and other countries to seek rare earth supply; accelerate the development of rare earth substitutes; government and enterprises jointly developed a recovery from the waste home appliances The measures of the rare earth.
Japanese media pointed out that the prosecution led by the United States, Obama a card in play for the presidential election, and Obama want to show a tough stance toward China before the presidential election. RE issues with Japan and Europe, "unemotional exchange of information and opinions. Difficult to solve the problem in a short period of time to file a complaint to the WTO. In accordance with the rules of the WTO dispute settlement first consultations between the countries concerned, consultations can not resolve the problem, the dispute handle small committee to set up the equivalent of the first trial, after the establishment of the High Commission of Final Appeal. Prior to the rare metal case, spent about a year and a half from the prosecution to make a final decision. The rare earth export settlement of disputes will also be permanent.
Japanese public opinion, the Japanese government endorsed by the US-led lawsuit against China, but I hope this do not stimulate the Chinese, also doubts about whether China will take "retaliatory measures". The Japanese Foreign Ministry officials expressed "cautious", it is necessary to avoid the chaos of rare-earth prices rose, but also take into account the relationship with China.

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