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Expert: valuable rare earth resources in China is not at liberty to "sale"
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Guang-Yan, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry researcher - Interview
China should significantly improve the standard of rare earth resource tax levy, the reform of the rare-earth price formation mechanism, the progressive realization of the unity of the rare-earth values ​​and prices.
Reporter: How China's Rare Earth Resources? Are mainly exported to which countries?
Guang-Yan: the rare earth resources data, and foreign data released different, however, China is the world's largest rare earth resources in the country but it is an accepted fact. Over the years, the supply of rare earth on the world market 90 percent from China. Of rare earth smelting separation of exports among the major countries and regions, Japan, USA, France and the Netherlands accounted for more than four, the number of total export volume of 80%. Among them, Japan is the largest customer, the number of products for more than half of the total export volume.
Due to over-exploitation of rare earth resources in China are disappearing. According to statistics, China's rare earth resources of the world total in the 1970s, down from 74 percent to 69 percent in the 1980s to the late 1990s, have dropped to about 43%, at present only 36%.

Reporter: Why limit the rare earth export policy will be controversial?

Guang-Yan: In the past, due to a large number of exports of disorderly exploitation of domestic enterprises, China's rare earth resources in a very cheap price, Japan, Korea, the United States and Western European countries as a strategic resource to mass storage. Not only through government funding over the purchase, storage warehouse in their respective countries, through investment in other ways to circumvent the laws of China, participate in the development of rare earth.
Therefore, we must take a standardized management measures, which are used to cheap foreigners not adapt. They used two ways, one to take the WTO that matter, want to force us to continue cheap; two began their own exploitation of rare earth mine, of course, a process from mining to bear fruit, it is estimated that this year and next year will be the product.

Reporter: What should we do to the rare earth resources to achieve sustainable development?
Guang-Yan: the rare earth resources, mining, smelting and separation of the production process pollution more links, some of the rare earth corporate environmental inputs less resources to vegetation destruction, soil erosion is serious, but can not put a lot of money in controlling environmental pollution due to the low price of rare earth.
China should adhere to the existing position, to take total control, the implementation of protective mining. A substantial increase in the rare earth resource tax imposed standards, reform of the rare earth products, price formation mechanism for the progressive realization of the unity of the rare-earth values ​​and prices. To implement the mine ecological environment control and ecological restoration margin system strict corporate eco-environmental protection and recovery of economic responsibility.
In this regard, to study abroad. For example, a major cause of America's largest rare earth mine in Mountain Pass mine Fengting count to pay the resource tax, pollution tax, the cost of production is higher than the price of imports from China, does not pay not to extract. Again, the Australian production of rare earth, rare earth ore mined and shipped to Malaysia Smelting, in order to avoid pollution to stay in the country.

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