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China rare earth policy in line with WTO rules
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The Commerce Department said in a statement, China received the request for consultations, the United States, European Union, Japan under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism of rare earth, tungsten, molybdenum export management measures. The Chinese side will properly handle the request for consultations under the WTO dispute settlement procedures,
Commerce Department spokesman Shen Danyang, Chinese exports of raw materials management policy objective is legitimate, the main purpose is to achieve sustainable development in order to protect resources and the environment. China has no intention to limit the freedom of trade, but also no intention to protect domestic industries through trade-distorting, and our policy is in line with WTO rules.
He stressed that "In recent years, the face of increasingly severe resource and environmental pressures, the Chinese government continues to strengthen and improve the integrated management of the 'two high a capital' products. Chinese government on the raw material products export and domestic mining, production, implementation Synchronization Manager in the overall consideration to the situation of domestic and foreign markets, resources and environment carrying capacity, reasonably determine the annual export volume, basically meet the normal needs of the international market, but also reflects that China is a responsible member of the WTO. "
In recent years, based on the protection of resources and the environment need our government on the rare earth mining, production and export of all aspects of simultaneous implementation of management measures. Since China began imposing quotas on exports of rare earths, the rare earth industry, "scattered poor" situation has been checked. In May 2011, the State Council issued "Several Opinions on the promotion of sustained and healthy development of rare earth industry, and to reiterate the policy objectives of our Government, through the integrated management measures to protect the environment, conservation of rare earth resources. Since last year, the departments concerned to carry out the rare earth mining, production, environmental protection and combating the smuggling of special rectification action, released the first batch of rare earth enterprises comply with environmental requirements list, rare earth mining, production order and environmental protection has shown significant improvement.
January 2011 to November, China's total exports of rare earth 14,750 tons, accounting for 49% of the total annual export quota, a large number of export quotas has not been used mainly due to price rises, users tend to choose alternatives, demand reduction. December 27, 2011, the Commerce Department reported that in 2012 the first batch of rare earth export quotas, in order to safeguard the international market demand, the total export quota is still basically the same as in 2011.
Commerce Department of Treaty and Law Secretary Li Chenggang said that in the rare earth export quotas, China will as previously quoted exception to defend, the Appellate Body will review China's export restrictions on raw materials, whether its domestic mining, production and use restrictions. "

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