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The country dozens of non-ferrous metal production of 5.48 million tons year on year in January-Febr
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In January-February, the National 10 kinds of nonferrous metals output was 5.48 million tons, an increase of 8.4%, the acceleration of growth rate by 7 percentage points. 3.01 million tons of electrolytic aluminum production, an increase of 14% for the same period last year decreased by 1.6%; copper production increased by 6.9%, slowing to 1 percent; lead production increased by 2.3%, slowing to 27.9 percent; zinc production fell 1.9 percent decline year-on-year shrink 10.8 percentage points. Alumina production increased by 10.7 percent, accelerating by 1.9 percentage points.
  The main non-ferrous metal prices have risen. In February, the Shanghai Futures Exchange copper, aluminum, zinc and the month futures average price of 59,370 yuan / ton to 16,060 yuan / ton and 15,516 yuan / ton, compared to December last year rose 4.8%, 0.4% and 1.8%, down 17.5%, 3.6%

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