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Chinese tungsten processing industry status and development trend
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ties and stable production, and the formation of the corresponding commodity grades. ">Sweden's Sandvik and Sumitomo Corporation of Japan has been able in large quantities and stable production, and the formation of the corresponding commodity grades. Although China has done a lot of research and development, but there are still gaps compared with foreign advanced level.
3.2 tungsten heavy alloy
China is the largest producer of tungsten based high proportion alloy, W-Ni-Cu and W-Ni-Fe alloy of two series of over 20 brands of products the overall level has reached the international advanced level. Deformation technology is relatively simple equipment conditions are subject to certain restrictions, the Chinese production of armor-piercing penetrators there is still a high proportion of tungsten-based alloys with foreign gap. Table 3 lists the relevant data of China and Germany the production of tungsten base heavy alloy penetrators penetrator material properties, there is a large gap between the description of the tensile strength and armor-piercing thickness.
Table 3 China and Germany, tungsten-based high proportion of alloy performance comparison
Producing countries Type Tensile strength / MPa 2000m wear thickness / mm
Chinese GW-35 1247 600
Germany MD53 1600 900
3.3 tungsten plate
Tungsten plate processing abroad, has formed an annual output of 1000 t of production scale, Austria, the United States and Japan are the main producing countries, Austria P1ansee company is the world's largest output, the most technologically advanced manufacturers of tungsten plate, an annual output of tungsten plate 300 t or more. The company uses powder metallurgy technology preparation of pure tungsten plate. Cogging high temperature rolling and cold rolling technology has been able to mass a minimum thickness of 0.025mm, the maximum thickness of 500 mm, the maximum length of 1500 mm ultra-thin, very large tungsten plate, and China can only produce a minimum thickness of 0.2 mm maximum width of 400 mm tungsten plate, that is, China is still unable to produce ultra-thin, extra-thick tungsten plate. This shows that there are still a large gap in the processing technology and equipment, compared with foreign countries.
Development trends of the four Chinese tungsten processing material
China Tungsten Tungsten applications in many fields of industry big country industrial output type development has the resources, which is a major leap forward. The next 10 years to 20 years, the direction of development of the Chinese tungsten processing industry, is worthy of the scientists and entrepreneurs of the tungsten industry in the field of in-depth reflection on major issues. The author proposed some opinions can be regarded as the initiate in order after 10 years or 20 years of effort, into a tungsten industry in scientific and technological progress of world power.
4.1 Carbide
4.1.1 The capacity and production
Chinese cemented carbide production capacity and production has accounted for a large proportion of the world's total production capacity and production, it is recommended that in the next five years, China should try to control the carbide output maintained at between 18000-20000 t -. Continue to expand production capacity caused by low-level duplicated construction and waste of resources. Through research and development should enable ultra-fine, ultra thick, oversized products and deep processing of high technical content carbide production have dramatically increased the market value of such products increased by 30% to 50%.
4.1.2 R & D direction
Carbide preparation and deep-processing technology after 60 years of hard work has a high level, but to catch up with the world advanced level, we need to do a lot of efforts, especially in the following aspects need to invest substantial human and financial resources research and development: (1) high strength and toughness ultrafine and nano-carbide fabrication technology research and product development; (2) long-life ultra-coarse, extra coarse grain cemented carbide series products research and development; (3) functionally graded cemented carbide series products research and development; (4) the carbide oversized products integrated preparation technology research and development; (5) specific forming carbide products processing technology and equipment research and development; (6) Carbide basic theoretical research.
Engaged in carbide production and research, the senior research staff, conservatively estimated at one thousand, unmatched by any other country in the world. If the state and enterprises in the financial resources of the world's advanced level, given enough financial support, and then integrated to give a reasonable organization, we are convinced that in the above areas, there will be a leap, and gradually become a carbide power.
4.2 tungsten-based alloy
4.2.1 tungsten alloy production capacity and production
Based alloys, tungsten, there is still some room for development, especially in civilian areas to expand the application of the tungsten alloy also has much to offer the majority of the rural electrification process is bound to a large number of electrical materials containing tungsten and higher requirements. Therefore, it is recommended that in the next five years, the tungsten base heavy alloy production at 4500 tons, tungsten copper alloy production at 1200 tons. We should try to speed up the fine grain, high strength and high proportion of the industrialization process of the alloy, Grades increased to more than 60 kinds, and to meet the needs of domestic industries.
4.2.2 tungsten alloy research
Chinese tungsten alloy preparation techniques, high-speed development, but also to be done in the following areas: (1) ultra-fine, nano-crystal high-performance tungsten alloy preparation technology research and development; (2) tungsten alloy processing technology research and development; (3) technology research and development of new tungsten alloy preparation; (4) The basic theory of the tungsten alloy.
Through this study, the varieties of Chinese tungsten alloy can be increased substantially, more importantly, the tungsten alloy tungsten alloy performance in catch up with world-class, more to give full play the advantage of China's tungsten resources.
4.3 tungsten material
4.3.1 tungsten materials production capacity and production
Tungsten materials in the production scale of the fine tungsten and tungsten bars have certain advantages, but with the increase of China's national economy continued to grow and the share of exports, in the next five years, the production of fine tungsten maintained at about 30 billion m, the coarse tungsten to maintain the annual production of 3000 tons, multi-element compound of rare earth tungsten electrode annual production of 500 t in order to replace the radioactive W-ThO2 electrode. Should have a larger space for development in the tungsten plate tungsten plate output was only one-third of the Plansee company.
4.3.2 tungsten materials research
Tungsten material is an important development direction of the tungsten products, tungsten sheet demand is increasing with the development of the nuclear industry. Tungsten material processing high-tech R & D has been referred to the strategic agenda, its main R & D directions: (1) ultra-thin, extra-wide tungsten sheet engineering manufacturing technology and equipment research and development; (2) The performance seismic tungsten project manufacturing technology research and development; (3) high-performance, composite rare earth tungsten electrode materials research and development; (4) products tungsten materials processing technology research and development; (5) shaped pieces of tungsten-based materials preparation technology research and development.
System development our own production thickness ≤ 0.02mm, width ≤ 500 mm, length ≤ 1000 mm ultra-thin tungsten plates and other large-scale tungsten plate. High-performance composite rare earth electrode to replace the W-ThO2 electrode, large products and profiled products to meet domestic requirements.
To sum up, after 10 years to 20 years of effort, tungsten processing industry in China by the tungsten resources in the country to a tungsten products industry, will eventually develop into a tungsten science and technology industry.


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