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The nonferrous metals industry of information technology should grasp the construction of integrated
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The nonferrous metals industry of information technology should grasp the construction of integrated management and control

The present situation, the main task of the construction of non-ferrous metals industry information should be reflected in the construction of the grasp non-ferrous metal industry "integrated management and control systems to accelerate the integration of the two, and gradually realize the intelligent control and intelligent management.

From the point of view of industry information construction in the information construction of non-ferrous metal industry, carried out earlier, after 20 years of unremitting efforts, the construction of non-ferrous metal industry, information technology to achieve greater progress and remarkable achievements in all respects . At the same time, as the industry continues to develop its information technology work is also facing some new problems and challenges. Therefore, the non-ferrous metal industry and the construction of information technology should be toward the broader, deeper integration, so as to enhance the international competitiveness of industry and enterprise.

"The integration of the two" have emphasized

Today, in the non-ferrous metal industry, electronic information technology to transform traditional industries has reached a new breadth and depth of integration of the two results is significant, mainly reflected in:

First, computer-aided design and manufacturing CAD / CAM penetration, coverage has been greatly improved

Primary production and processing enterprises in general application of CAD / CAM product design and processing; major Design and Research Institute, throw away the drawing board, network, based on the CAD system engineering. Such as: colored and Design Institute in Beijing, Luoyang, non-ferrous machining and Design Institute, Shenyang, aluminum-magnesium and Design Institute, Guiyang, aluminum-magnesium and Design Institute, Nanchang colored design institute and so put a lot of money, the construction of advanced CAD / MIS integrated system, the establishment of the PDM (product data, engineering drawings) database management system, greatly accelerated the progress of engineering design, engineering quality and market competitiveness. Guiyang aluminum-magnesium and Design Institute of CAD / MIS system, well done Pingguo aluminum plant engineering design of the project in the Eighth Outstanding Engineering Design Award was named "National Excellent Engineering Design Award.

Second, the industrial production process control is widely used in microelectronics and computer technology

From the unit control, individual equipment control development to the entire production line process control; PLC, DCS, fieldbus technology, has been widely used in process control; large and medium-sized enterprises to produce real-time data and information through the fieldbus the backbone connection status of production technology can be directly reached the leadership and management of the enterprise sector, greatly improving the monitoring and management level; information technology to transform to enhance process control methods and technical level, by the manual control, machine control, PID control elevated to more than circuitous road control, "Fuzzy Control", "digital-analog control, optimal control. Such as: Guizhou Aluminum Plant, Qinghai Aluminum Plant, Liancheng Aluminum Plant, Sanmenxia Tianyuan Aluminum Company, Lanzhou Aluminium companies are applying the first of the above-mentioned high-tech unit. Colored and medium-sized enterprises to control the transformation of the production process, the integration of the two work as the primary task of enterprise information task, the establishment of a technological innovation system, adhere to the guiding ideology of the introduction, digestion, absorption, and innovation ", in line with be for certain things ", to increase the production process control transform and upgrade the financial, human and material resources, so the automation of the design, production process automation, equipment, intelligent level has been greatly improved the overall quality improved faster, more obvious benefits.

Third, management information systems and network communications to build further popularize and improve

Colored medium-sized enterprises have been established at different levels of management information systems, with the reform of the enterprise system and mechanism, these systems from traditional MIS systems in transition to the modern enterprise's MIS system, such as: the Shaoguan smelter established CIPS System, Qinghai The aluminum plant to develop a computerized management information system of integrated management and control "(Qinghai Aluminum Plant as early as 1992, took the lead in the completion of the nonferrous metals industry" integrated management and control system ", the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Corporation and Qinghai Province jointly organized large-scale on-site meetings, summing up and promoting the information construction experience).

The construction of key projects significant effect

The present situation, the electronic and information technology in the non-ferrous metals industry information "priority projects", and achieved remarkable results. Include:

First, the completion of the colored sub-systems of national economic information system "golden works"

The project utilized a three day loan invested a total of more than fifteen million yuan, the construction of colored Industrial Development Bureau of the former State Intranet / Internet network system, developed nearly 10 application subsystems are now available through the State Information Center and non-ferrous industries Bureau of acceptance. The system put into operation, greatly promoted the process of the construction industry information.

Second, non-ferrous metals industry to solve the Y2K problem works

Attention to supporting organizations at all levels, industry has invested a lot of manpower, material and money with vendors, the use of advanced information technology and equipment to solve industry-wide Y2K problem. Enterprise security and orderly entered the new century, the quality of the industry's technology and tooling level has been greatly enhanced to complete the state requirements, schedule and quality.

Third, the industry-wide "electrolytic" energy saving transform and upgrade works

The project by the former State Economic and Trade Commission, the SASAC, full power to do as energy saving key projects through the application of electronic and information technology, strong research, to solve a series of technical difficulties to develop a new energy saving technology, the new program. The original medium-sized enterprises directly under computer control "electrolytic" energy saving projects have been 100% completed; the aluminum industry in the nonferrous metals industry has also been 90% completed the transformation, tons of aluminum DC consumption on the basis of the original energy-saving reduced 250 kwh per year 2.4 million tons production of the aluminum industry, power saving of 540 million kwh. Development and testing of successful 180kA, 280kA and 320kA large prebaked anode aluminum reduction cell, by the general computer control to enhance the fuzzy control, power system frequency control by the general power supply to upgrade technology.

Fourth, corporate information technology key projects

: Tongling Jinlong, engineering, Guixi Smelter project "Jiangxi Copper Company, Daye Noranda copper smelting works, Jinchuan" Nickel flashing smelting works, silver, silver-stop engineering , Zhuzhou Smelting zinc hydrometallurgy project ", the Shaoguan smelter closed blast furnace renovation project" in the introduction, digestion, absorption, innovative thinking to guide through the application of electronic information technology, construction has become a world- advanced level of quality engineering. In technological innovation, knowledge innovation and economic efficiency are made remarkable achievements. Tongchang by China's construction, such as "silver train project" as a brand product, exports to Germany, Nanchang hospital design for Iran is also Jinlong and Guixi flash smelting technology.

The level of information technology to be further enhanced

With the development of non-ferrous metal industry, some of the problems in the information construction also presented, including:

First, information-based construction and development imbalance

Industry-wide analysis of large-scale enterprise information construction process faster; SME construction process is relatively slow; export-oriented enterprise information system construction and application of better; strong sense of leadership, operational efficiency, and reform of the enterprise information construction and development is fast.

Second, the application-level and technical level is not high

From the industry-wide analysis, the majority of colored construction of enterprise information system is still in the transaction, the local information management phase, part of the corporate MIS system can achieve enterprise-class management, and a small number of enterprises to enter the tube / control integration, or the boost phase to the CIMS. The level of the established enterprise information systems and computer networks, most companies still in the baseband low-speed shared networks and traditional MIS system, showing the "islands of information", "nobility" of information resources can not be shared, could not cooperate with the job situation quite different with the requirements of the modern enterprise, the network economy.

Third, the information resource development and information services, but also can not meet the information needs of the nonferrous metals industry structural adjustment

This is mainly reflected in: First of all, can not meet the demand for leaders at all levels, the integrated management of colored information. Leadership decision-making in urgent need of colored often provide information not meet the actual demand, not leading, comprehensive sector policy-making to provide accurate data on the basis of convincing; Secondly, we can not meet the colored grass-roots level in a market economy the demand for nonferrous metals information. Marketing aspects of the information needed by the business, we often do not grasp or rate not fully grasp, is not accurate. Mastery of information, companies often they do not need or outdated information. Again, we can not meet the needs of organizations and international non-ferrous metal interaction and integration with the international non-ferrous metals market.

Lays Stress on integrated management and control construction [url] [/ url]

In the current situation of industry development, the information construction of the nonferrous metals industry should meet several requirements:

First, in order to adapt to different levels in the market economy, the demand for different aspects of the nonferrous metals industry information, the nonferrous metals industry information technology is necessary to break the framework conditions of the planned economy, information technology or non-ferrous metal industry is no way out.

Second, non-ferrous industry, information technology to meet the characteristics of China's nonferrous metal industry to adapt to the requirements of the further deepening the reform of China's nonferrous metals industry management system.

China's nonferrous metals industry is characterized by variety, periodic table, in addition to the three kinds of iron, chromium, manganese, ferrous metal, the rest are non-ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metal product concentration is small, and large enterprises, small and medium enterprises the high side from the enterprise scale. According to the characteristics of the nonferrous metals industry, the nonferrous metals information construction must comply with the characteristics of the nonferrous metals industry, the nonferrous metals industry information gathering, network construction and information content can be separated from the characteristics of the nonferrous metals industry, to meet different levels, different aspects of the colored information.

Third, the colored information technology must meet the requirements to reach the international advanced level.

China non-ferrous metals market, prices and to the international market, China's nonferrous metals industry management departments and some large non-ferrous metal production, enterprises and non-ferrous metals on the international organizations and foreign non-ferrous enterprises to establish contact. With China's nonferrous metal industry, nonferrous metals enterprises with foreign exchange will become increasingly multi-colored information technology work, which requires some common standards of foreign information technology, must accept the absorption of foreign advanced things, to be the shortcomings improve our information technology reached the international advanced level, improve the confidence of foreign non-ferrous metals released by the organization colored information.

The present situation, the main task of the nonferrous metals industry information construction should be reflected in the construction of the grasp the nonferrous metals industry "integrated management and control system, to accelerate the integration of the two" progressive realization of intelligent control and intelligent management. Include:

First, grasp the industrial automation of the nonferrous metals industry

Industrial automation and information technology is not the same for colored enterprises, automation and information are very important, the successful introduction and application of any new technology, will enable enterprises to produce qualitative change and leap. As industrial automation technologies continue to transform the traditional process, IT is constantly transforming traditional industrial automation technology, and non-ferrous enterprises should pay special attention to the leap in the development of information technology to stimulate industrialization.

Second, accelerate the construction of modern enterprise management information system

The modern enterprise management system is the focus of colored enterprise information technology, ERP (enterprise resource planning) represents the latest development of the modern enterprise management system is the direction of the the colored enterprise information technology efforts. Colored enterprises should enterprise resource planning, supply chain management (SCM) and customer relationship management (CRM) modern management concept into the colored enterprise information construction. In the specific implementation, foreign ERP software management system and now there is a big difference in the implementation process too much resistance, so companies should choose China-made software according to its own characteristics, and staging, in batches to establish financial supply and marketing, inventory, production, plans and other subsystems, and the gradual establishment of enterprise modernization and information systems, information resource sharing and optimal allocation of resources.

Third, to strengthen the network construction, grasp the "corporate line" project

Internet technology is the most effective and advanced means of information exchange and sharing of the network economy is the new economy, the most significant characteristics. Colored enterprises should make full use of the Internet to publish and collect all kinds of information, build your own website to promote corporate image, and introduce their products and services and to achieve the exchange and sharing of information within enterprises. However, in enterprise networks and the construction site at the same time, pay attention to the development of information resources, utilization, strengthen the network of value-added services, and pay attention to the updates of site content, engage in formalism. Business and management departments should Internet access, business leaders have the foresight to see this trend, and have long-term consideration.

Fourth, do solid work in e-commerce [url] [/ url]

E-commerce is a new model, its development has brought a revolutionary change in people's lifestyle, business e-commerce, including the production, purchase, transactions and transfers, payments, etc.. In this way to change the business mode of operation, e-commerce is the future direction of development of enterprise business activities. The nonferrous metals industry of information technology, there are a lot of basic work to be done, first to do the work of the establishment of unified planning, unified standards and coding to create the conditions for e-commerce development of the nonferrous metals industry.

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