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The State Council promulgated the "non-ferrous metal industry restructuring and revitalization plan"
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rate governance structure, improve enterprise management level. Technological progress and technological transformation projects on inter-provincial reorganization of large enterprises to give priority support.
(F) to support enterprises to "go out".
Support backbone enterprises through a variety of ways, in accordance with the principle of mutual benefit, strengthen international cooperation, to improve the resources and support capabilities; simplify the approval procedures of overseas projects, improve credit, foreign exchange, insurance, taxation, personnel, immigration and other policies and measures; to strengthen the foreign assets of the business management, and effectively prevent and reduce risk; strict overseas resource development and enterprise access requirements, meet the entry conditions of the backbone enterprises in overseas resource development projects in the capital injection, use of foreign exchange and other aspects of support.
(G) revision and improvement of industrial policy.
Catalogue for the Guidance of industrial development, revision and improvement of industrial structure adjustment and development of related industries policy focus on improving the conditions of access to technical equipment, energy consumption, water consumption, pollutant emissions, resource utilization, strict standards for land to develop the deep processing of products classification rules.
(H) the rational allocation of resources.
To further regulate the mining market to develop the mineral rights of people qualifications to improve the mining market access standards. Clear mines the allocation of resources, the specific requirements of large-scale mining area to be included in the national development of mineral resources planning, priority is allocated to the key enterprises, to ensure that the mineral resources of rational, intensive and efficient utilization.
(9) to continue the implementation of financing policies to maintain pressure.
Support efforts to increase the financing of non-ferrous metal backbone enterprises, in line with industrial policies and environmental protection, land laws and regulations, and investment management provisions of the project, as well as the implementation of mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, "going out" and the technological transformation of enterprises, in the issue of shares, corporate bonds, corporate bonds and bank loans to support it. Illegal construction, the approval of the project and production of ultra vires backward enterprises continue to implement the restrictions on financing measures.
(X) strictly implement the energy saving eliminate backward production capacity of the accountability system.
Further research to improve the backward production capacity, exit mechanism to properly resolve the placement of workers, enterprises converting debt to resolve problems and promote social harmony and stability. Strict implementation of energy conservation to eliminate backward production capacity of the accountability system, unfinished energy conservation, phase out backward production capacity of the task areas, the suspension of investment projects approved and approval. Local levels of government to the strict supervision of the deadline for elimination of outdated equipment and to prohibit the unauthorized expansion of the transformation and off-site transfer. Unauthorized expansion of the transformation or off-site transfer of outdated equipment, financial institutions do not provide any form of credit support, land and resources is not for land clearance.
(11) to establish the industry, information exchange and disclosure system.
The establishment of sector joint information release system, a timely manner to the society published the nonferrous metals industry policy, the project approved, the production of sales of inventory, capacity utilization, phase out backward production capacity, corporate restructuring, pollution emissions, loans, industrial damage early warning and other information providing information for the enterprise investment strategy services.
(12) to play the role of industry associations (chambers of commerce).
Give full play to the bridge and link of the Industry Association (Association), in a timely manner to reflect the problems and corporate demands of industry, and actively provide services for enterprises, guide enterprises to implement the national industrial policy to promote the use of advanced and applicable technologies to strengthen the industry self-regulation to maintain market order, improve the quality of the industry as a whole.
Fifth, planning and implementation
The relevant departments under the State Council in accordance with the "planning" division of labor, strengthen communication and consultation and close coordination, to formulate and improve various policies and measures as soon as possible, and to strengthen the guidance and supervision and inspection. Relevant departments should timely carry out the post-evaluation of the "planning" in the timely submission of evaluations.
Each region determined in accordance with the "planning" goals, tasks and policy measures, the actual local pay close attention to draw detailed implementation plans to ensure that achieve tangible results. Specific work programs and the implementation process of new situations and new problems promptly submit the Development and Reform Commission, Industry and Information Technology and other departments concerned.

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