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ChangXi notice of termination...   [2012-06-21]
Chinese tungsten processing industry status and development trend...   [2012-04-19]
The country dozens of non-ferrous metal production of 5.48 million ton...   [2012-04-19]
China rare earth policy in line with WTO rules...   [2012-04-19]
Expert: valuable rare earth resources in China is not at liberty to "s...   [2012-04-19]
Japanese public opinion - the rare-earth litigation "election card"...   [2012-04-19]
The latest developments of China's armor-piercing tungsten alloy...   [2012-04-19]
The nonferrous metals industry of information technology should grasp ...   [2012-02-16]
The State Council promulgated the "non-ferrous metal industry restruct...   [2012-02-16]
GigaOM: Facebook listed or cause Silicon Valley acquisitions...   [2012-02-03]

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